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1. The basic provisions of the General Terms of Service (hereinafter the "GTC "): are binding and in filling customer ordering forms by clicking "I agree" certifies that he agrees with them and undertakes to comply with the conditions set out below.

2. Definition of Terms: Customer becomes everyone who fills the order of some services on web sites operated by the provider and then pay a specific amount in the account provider.

3.Rights and duties of the client: all software run is the customer's property. Provider is not responsible for it. The customer is entitled to submit suggestions, comments, complaints and applications providers. The Customer undertakes to duly pay the price for the agreed services in accordance with the valid price list provider. The customer is obliged to immediately inform the provider in writing of any changes in customer identification data specified in the contract. The Customer undertakes not to develop activities that would in any way damage the reputation or interests of third parties or service. Breach of this duty is considered a serious breach of the contractual arrangements between the parties. The customer is obligated to protect its access to the data provider's system from misuse by third parties. In case of loss, theft or other breach of rights of use of access rights in question, the customer shall immediately communicate this to the operator, which is responsible for any use of service until the time of notification.

4. Rights and obligations of Provider: provider undertakes to provide the customer with sufficient conditions for the operation of its applications. Application parameters and scope of services are anticipated. The Provider undertakes to the customer all necessary information about access codes and passwords in accordance with the terms of the contract. The provider is entitled to ask the customer to pay the price according to the valid price list. The provider is entitled to change the access codes without the customer's consent, provided that such action is necessary for the proper provision of services. The Provider undertakes to provide the customer with sufficient technical support for the operation of its applications. Provider reserves the right to suspend the operation of the application for necessary technical reasons and in case of gross violations.

5. Final provisions of the Company: reserves the right to change these conditions - but must always inform the customer of such a step. The Provider undertakes that the information about each customer when ordering the service said, does not provide third parties with the exception of official claims police and state administration bodies authorized to request the relevant information according to law. Customer under this Act on Certain Information Society Services, agrees that the Provider is authorized to send to the Customer of any e-mail messages containing information about the news that provider offers. Any changes will take effect from the new billing cycle, or extension services. If the customer does not accept new conditions, may be a contractual relationship finished by the end of the current billing cycle. According to § 262 paragraph 1, Commercial. z, the Parties agree that their contractual relationship will be governed by the Commercial Code. Relations not governed by these terms and specific contract shall be governed by the Act No. 151/2000 Coll. Telecoms Act No. 101/2000 Coll. privacy or civil code.

6.VOP and Conditions are common as a whole.

Conditions come into force 28.11.2009





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